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Client Testimonials

I couldn’t speak more highly of Nick. Other than being a genuinely good person he is a talented strength and conditioning coach. He has helped me improve my strength and health beyond my expectations

Scott Hanham - 10 Handicap

Nick Randall’s Golf Fit Pro really works and has enabled me to reduce my handicap and become more consistent. Probably the best evidence of this is my Monthly Medal count. Prior to working with Nick I had won one C Grade Medal. Last year thanks to Nick I won 3 in B Grade. Whether you are a top professional or a club golfer Nick and his team will help you improve. Their knowledge, passion and techniques are outstanding.

Rob Hunter - 11 Handicap

Nick’s knowledge and experience in high performance golf, combined with his ability to deliver a tailored approach to all standards of player make his service invaluable for anyone looking to seriously improve their golfing body. I have worked with Nick both as a player and a coach, and witnessed fantastic results for both myself and my players.

Matt Ballard - Head Coach – Singapore National Team, former coach to Adam Scott

Nick never stops researching, experimenting and tweaking in order to improve his service to golfers and I would recommend his approach to anyone who is serious about taking their golf to the next level.

Grant Field - Golf Australia National Coach

I have been working with Nick for over 4 years now, and since then my body has improved out of sight, not only for golf but also for general life. My posture, nutrition, strength, power and the way my body feels overall have all improved since working with Nick. Before going to Nick I had constant knee, ankle and back pain; due to Nick’s knowledge of the body I do not have these pains anymore. Working with Nick is enjoyable, beneficial and a must for anyone who wishes to compete at the elite level.

Dylan Gardner - +6 Handicap

I have a huge amount of respect for Nick's working methods and communication. I've witnessed him conducting many high calibre assessment and training sessions, with great lasting outcomes for the players involved.

Kevin Kirk - PGA Teacher of the Year 2019

"Over the past 8 years, Nick's contribution to the state and national organisations in Australia has been excellent. His breadth of knowledge combined with his methodical and systemised approach make him a big asset to our programs"

Tony Meyer - Golf Australia High Performance Manager

“Nick is a great communicator and has worked very well with our athletes and support staff. His knowledge and understanding of how to train golfers has been extremely valuable to our program”

Andrew Tank - Head Coach, Iowa State Men's Golf

Nick’s programs and training help me to get stronger, faster and more flexible.

Nick has taught me how to manage my body and my nutrition which has improved my performance on the golf course

Cameron Smith - 3 x PGA Tour Winner

Nick, I have to say I really enjoyed your program, communication, knowledge, and especially the app. Your service and your app are top notch and I would recommend them anytime.

Brad Pricket - 10 Handicap

Nick and I have been working together for the last 12 months. I found Nick to be extremely accommodating with providing training programs that worked around my university/ traineeship, work and golf schedule.

His professionalism, knowledge and passion for golf specific strength and conditioning is second to none

Anna Stanton - Professional

Extremely happy with Nick's help. His plan has helped with my back pain (prior microdiscectomy at 33), increased overall strength, reduced body fat percentage and added some distance. Wish I had found him sooner.

J.L. King - 5 Handicap

Nick is incredibly knowledgeable and passionate about helping you improve both your fitness levels and golf performance. Straight away I learnt plenty, and he always checks in to see if I’m on track. We’re on track to rectifying lots of old poor movement patterns. Thank you Nick, I would certainly recommend you to anyone!

Nigel Petrie - 6 Handicap

I have had the privilege of training under the supervision of Nick for 12 months now and the changes within my body have been amazing. I would recommend this training program to anyone who is looking to improve themselves physically and reach there goals. Could not speak more highly of the level of service I have received.

Heath Gray - 2 Handicap

Working with Nick and his Golf Fit Pro app is as easy as it is enjoyable. Very easy to follow workouts and as a Golf Professional I have learnt a lot of Nick to help improve my teaching. The best in the business in my opinion.

Matt Douglas - Golf Coach

Nick is an extremely knowledgeable and passionate professional with exceptional people skills. He is very engaging with his clients and Nick's specialised expertise has taken my sporting performance to a whole new level. I can't thank him enough for all the hardwork he puts in ensuring my program is tailored specifically to my needs.

Justin Morley - +2 Handicap

Golf Fit Pro is a thoroughly developed and effective training method. I have found Nick to be responsive and knowledgeable regarding my inquiries and specific needs. There are many choices to make when considering off-course training. Of course the ones that work the best are the ones you stick with and while I have experienced a few others, I've returned to Golf Fit Pro and am extremely satisfied with the results.

Kevan Gibson - 4 Handicap

Golf Fit Pro helped me to excel in improving my overall strength and conditioning, as well as assisting in my golf posture and flexibility. Nick is a true professional and I would say one of the best in the golf industry.

Chris Crooks - Professional

Working with Nick’s Golf Pro App and combined with Nick’s deep understanding of various areas of fitness and the body has helped me develop a stronger, stable and mobile motion. He is very patient and a great mentor. Anyone looking to develop their physical health, body shape or performance will benefit greatly.

Joost Te Veld - Professional

Working with Nick made me open my mind on what it took to be the best I possibly could. From nutrition, mental stamina and the physical development. Nick helped by putting solid guidelines around these areas and insured I stayed on track. Without his help none of this would be possible. Therefore if you are interested in getting the most out of your body Nick is the man!

Atomu Watanabe - Professional

Nick's deep understanding of the body and data driven approach to training helps my clients improve their physical elements in a tailored and specific way. I've seen so many people make huge improvements over time with his programs and can't recommend him highly enough.

Arian Sanjar - Golf Coach

Nick has been able to identify areas of physical weakness in my body by using his detailed analytical methods and has developed a program specifically for me to improve these weakness. The results are evident in the improved mobility and increased power of my golf swing leading to more consistent ball striking. The Golf Fit app is also user friendly and is a great tool in the gym.

Jason Meehan - 6 Handicap