Golf Fit Pro 2020 Re-Launch

Golf Fit Pro 2020 Re-Launch

 About the Author:

Nick is a strength and conditioning coach contracted by PGA Tour Players and national teams to deliver his unique brand of golf fitness services. Nick offers the opportunity to access his knowledge and service offering to the rest of the golfing world through the following avenues:

Golf Fit Pro App
Online Training


Over the past 6 months Golf Fit Pro has been undergoing some exciting changes.....

.....given the enforced break from training clients, both local and international, I figured that 2020 would be the year to execute a major overhaul of the Golf Fit Pro user experience. I decided to make sweeping changes to the website, branding and iOS app, in order to provide a better service to clients (both online and in person) via more detailed, yet intuitive digital technology.  

Website, Logos, Look and Feel

I was firstly very lucky to find a very talented content creator / graphic designer to help properly nail Golf Fit Pro's story, mission and overall brand identity. This lead to the development of new logos, colours, fonts, slogans and a more accurate communication of the business' goal to help golfers train and play better through personalised performance.

These changes are evident on the website, which now tells the story of Golf Fit Pro and presents the educational material in a more concise and easily digestible manner, alongside better presenting the expanded online service offering.



App Function and Performance

The second step was finding an app developer that could incorporate the the story plus new look and feel of Golf Fit Pro into a building of a whole new iOS app. I was again, very fortunate to find someone up to the task and we have switched to an updated programming language, that will deliver a much smoother in-app experience and result in far fewer bugs and glitches. Other major improvements to the app include:

- Over 70 new exercises in the Exercise Library

- Technique videos accompanying every exercise

- Updated programs with new exercises, that offer more variety and contrast between programs.

- Much more detailed Profile Questionnaires, that provide clearer program recommendations and even the option for free of charge personalised program guidance.

- Opportunity to access all in-app programs and providing the opportunity to freely switch between them at any time.

- Switch to subscription pricing mode (free for 1st month, then the option to subscribe for $9 per month)

- Cleaner, more intuitive user interface 

- New icons and images

- Ability to manage your account in app (change username, password and other details)

- Clearer indication of training progress and health insights via improved My Progress function

- Ability to have your customised programs update on the fly



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