The Story of the Golf Fit Pro App

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Rewind a few years and picture me at 7:30pm, composing an exercise guide to accompany a players’ golf fitness program. It was the 3rd evening that week I was working late to finish golfer’s programs. 

Why all the extra admin and time being put into writing exercise guides?

The necessity to write comprehensive and individual exercise guides for clients was born from a consistent frustration when performing their 8 weekly reviews. The player would come in and we would talk through the program, exercise by exercise. I heard these sorts of comments over and over again:


“oh yeah I couldn’t remember that exercise so I just skipped it”

“I wasn’t sure I was doing it right, so I did it for like a week and then stopped”

“which one is that? I don’t even think I saw it!”


The programs I designed, whilst getting good results, where still way short of getting the most out of the athletes. It wasn’t the players’s fault though, they couldn’t afford to have a trainer watch over their every workout and they didn’t have access to the right information - you can’t just look up our golf specific exercises on YouTube!!


I decided an individually tailored exercise guide was needed for each client so I played around with a few formats and designs but all of them were seriously time consuming. They were sucking the life out of me and using up valuable time that could be spent on further education or my own training.

After 3 years of trying different combinations, I had amassed a huge collection of exercise descriptions which included details like; purpose of exercise, positioning, form, tips etc. I realised that if I could get some high quality photos to go with these then I could make a resource that the client could refer to whenever they needed. It would be consistent for them, save me a whole heap of pointless admin and would go a long way to ensuring proper technique was being used - we were on to a winner!

When I starting thinking about format there was only one clear option - smart phone app! People take them everywhere and use them practically everything.

6 months later and after some seriously hard work, “Golf Fit” was born. We launched in December 2013 and haven’t looked back. Turns out it’s not just my clients who need access to good quality golf fitness information on their phone.

Golf Fit Pro continues to evolve as we add new functions and content to the app. We also have now made our service available online with golf fitness programs and individually tailored, golf fitness program services now for sale.

You can check it out here:



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