Rest Periods - Use Them Wisely!

Rest Periods - Use Them Wisely!

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Nick is a strength and conditioning coach contracted by PGA Tour Players and national teams to deliver his unique brand of golf fitness services. Nick offers the opportunity to access his knowledge and service offering to the rest of the golfing world through the following avenues:

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During a standard strength training session you are resting for around half the time you are in the gym. Don’t be one of these guys



Instead, make the most of the rest periods by utilizing them to work on your weaknesses:

Poor glute activation?? Then do some knee/ankle band crab walks using a lateral resistance band



Shoddy shoulder mobility?? Then do some pec release and scap setting


Trying to ingrain a new swing action??  Then do a movement pattern drill using a GravityFit TPro


Not only will you be filling in the chinks in your golf fitness armour, you’ll increase the overall energy expended during the session and generally get a better workout.


Here are some good combinations of corrective exercises that partner up nicely with their strength exercise:

Squat Variations – Ankle Band Crab Walk (lateral resistance band)*

Lunge Variations – Split Stance Backswing (GravityFit TPro)*

Push Variations – Kneeling Hip Flexor Stretch – foot up*

Pull Variations – Lying Glute Bridge - foot up*

Bend Variations – Arm Press (GravityFit TPro)*

* the exercise guides for these exercises can be found on the Golf Fit Pro App


There are so many combinations of exercises you can put together, just remember that certain things should be avoided:

- Long static stretches on the same muscle groups used for the strength exercise

- Tiring or intense stability drills on the same muscle groups used for the strength exercise

- Powerful or explosive exercises between strength exercises

- Exercises that are going to take longer than 45 seconds to get benefit from

- Core exercises when combined with all body strength exercises


If you train 3 times a week for 1 hour each time, that’s up to 90 minutes of potential rest time that you could spend on corrective exercises.

They will help you move better, lift stronger and get injured less – way more beneficial than being hunched over your phone checking facebook!


If you would like to access training programs with corrective exercises built into the rest periods, then check out the following products and services from Nick at Golf Fit Pro:

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