How Can an Individually Tailored, Custom Golf Fitness Program Help Your Game?


Having a golf fitness program written just for you will improve your:

    • Strength
    • Stability
    • Mobility
    • Posture
    • Golf movement patterns

Helping you achieve:

    • Longer Drives
    • More consistent strike
    • Less errant shots
    • More energy on course

    • Less aches and pains



Golf, Health and Lifestyle Questionnaire

This tells us who you are and what your body needs to improve in order to help your golf game.

Individually Tailored, 6 week golf fitness program

You will receive your program that it includes exercises for strength, stability, mobility, posture and golf movement patterns.

Tailored Exercise Guide

This guide will lead you step by step through each exercise. See below for example

Years of Experience Working With Hundreds of Golfers

We have assessed and written programs for all standards of golfer and we bring this experience, along with first class education to composing your golf fitness program.

A Massive Discount!!

When performed face to face we charge $350 for this service. You can now access it for just $119 - a HUGE discount!



1 - You purchase the program 

2 - We contact you via email with key questions about your golf, lifestyle, training experience, past injuries, goals and logistics of your training program

3 - We write you a fully customised, 6 week training program using the state of the art Golf Fit Pro app

4- You get stuck into the training program and get stronger, fitter, faster, more mobile and move better for golf!


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About Us

Golf Fit Pro is an international golf fitness brand that provides high quality golf fitness training, information and products to customers worldwide. Easy to access, simple to apply and specific to you!

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