Introducing - Back 2 Basics Golf

Introducing - Back 2 Basics Golf

Golf Fit Pro has partnered with Back 2 Basics Golf to share our knowledge and passion for different aspects of the game with our respective communities.

Back 2 Basics Golf offers a unique combination of high quality golf training products and a legitimate online community that promotes and celebrates the fun side of the game whilst striving for improvement.



Here's their founder Nicholas Steiner on the Back 2 Basics Golf mission:

"Simply put, we’re in love with the game of golf. We appreciate getting outside and on our favorite courses, the comraderie of a round with friends and family, the competitions, and the rewarding process of getting better.

It’s our mission and pledge to build products and create a community that amplifies this passion and fosters more positivity on and off the golf course."


Here at Golf Fit Pro, we love their products - the cool aesthetic combined with research driven design and high performance input really floats our boat!


Pro Path Putting Mirror

Improve the fundamentals of your putting mechanics, and shave strokes off your scorecard with the Pro Path Putting Mirror! Improve eye and shoulder alignment, dial in your backstroke and follow-through, and improve the overall accuracy of your short game using this putting mirror.



Play Off Putting Matt

The Back 2 Basics Play-Off Putting Mat combines all the technical qualities of a world-class putting mat with a unique design meant to make putting practice fun! Our mat is constructed to be used alone, or with friends, and comes with built-in games and training exercises to help you hone your putting prowess from anywhere.


Provision Range Finder

Improve your golf game with the ProVision Rangefinder Monocular from Back 2 Basics Golf! This laser range finder includes a carrying pouch, CR2 battery, wrist strap, and microfiber cleaning cloth so you are always prepared during practice or matches. Always pick the best club for the shot with this accurate golf rangefinder!

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