Intermediate Level 1

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Ideal for
Golfers with decent golf fitness experience looking to prepare themselves for training in a full gym facility and taking on a full strength and conditioning program.
Golfers who have completed Beginner levels 1, 2 and 3.

Benefits for Body
- Improve stability and balance
- Increase muscular endurance
- Develop on from essential strength and conditioning movements
- Improve base level strength
- Teach basic golf movement patterns and more advanced posture
- Increase mobility in shoulders, hips and the muscles that get tight with lots of sitting and computer work.
- Build upon base level of aerobic endurance

Benefits for Golf
- Improved set up posture
- Better mobility/flexibility in swing
- More stability and balance in swing
- Improved golf movement patterns
- Improved stamina on the golf course
- Able to hold stronger positions in golf swing
Time Needed
5 x 60 mins per week


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