Advanced Level 3 - Power

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Ideal for
Golfers who have completed Advanced – Hypertrophy and Max Strength.
Experienced gym users who want to generate power specific to golf.

- Increase power output through jumps, throws and ballistic strength exercises.
- Perfect advanced level strength and conditioning movements
- Increase mobility in shoulders, hips and the muscles that get tight with lots of sitting and computer work.
- Continue to develop advanced golf movement pattern skills
- Train high level of aerobic endurance through interval training

Benefits for Golf
- Much improved club head speed
- More distance off the tee
- Much stronger ball flight
- Improved ability to play from thick lies in the rough
- Better mobility/flexibility
- Perfecting golf movement patterns
- Improved stamina on the golf course

Experience Needed
- Completed Golf Fitness Intermediate (all) and Advanced - Hypertrophy and Max Strength
- Minimum 2 years of professionally guided gym experience (3/4 x per week)

Time Needed
5 x 90 mins per week


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