Advanced Level 3 - Power

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Confusion and uncertainty are the main reasons why golfers don't do exercises that will actually help their game. These programs provide you with clear and precise instructions on what to do and how to do it!

Advanced Level 3

Ideal for
Golfers who have completed Advanced – Hypertrophy and Max Strength.
Experienced gym users who want to generate power specific to golf.

Benefits for Your Body
- Increase power output through jumps, throws and ballistic strength exercises.
- Perfect advanced level strength and conditioning movements
- Increase mobility in shoulders, hips and the muscles that get tight with lots of sitting and computer work.
- Continue to develop advanced golf movement pattern skills
- Train high level of aerobic endurance through interval training

Benefits for Your Golf
- Much improved club head speed
- More distance off the tee
- Much stronger ball flight
- Improved ability to play from thick lies in the rough
- Better mobility/flexibility
- Perfecting golf movement patterns
- Improved stamina on the golf course

Experience Needed
- Completed Golf Fitness Intermediate (all) and Advanced - Hypertrophy and Max Strength
- Minimum 2 years of professionally guided gym experience (3/4 x per week)

Time Needed
5 x 90 mins per week


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