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The term ‘Adaptation’ is used to describe one of the principles of training - that of the body’s ability to react to a new training stimulus and get stronger, fitter, faster, more flexible etc. It is essentially the body changing to meet the demands of the exercise. This has several long term effects as the body progresses through days, weeks, and months of training. Its structure and function changes to accommodate the consistent workload.

These persistent changes are the chronic adaptations that enable the body to respond more favorably to subsequent training sessions. The notion of progressive resistance, for example, underscores the importance of continually increasing the volume and/or variety of a particular stimulus, when aiming to make changes in the body.
Without upping the training load, volume, intensity or variation, the muscular and neural systems will fail to adapt, as they need not accommodate a different stimulus - and therein lies the essence of chronic physiological adaptation.

How do you know when it’s time for a change? Here are a few indicators that a new program is due:

1 - Your program bores you

2 - Your program is no longer challenging

3 - Your program isn't giving you results anymore

4 - All of the above!  - If you have one then you probably have the others too!

We recommend a 4 week period for training programs and design them as such. Research indicates that this is the optimal amount of time for positive physical adaptation to occur. We have also found from experience that boredom tends to kick in around this time and progression starts to slow down. Many people who leave it 10-12 weeks on the same program demonstrate similar improvements to those who have stuck to the 6 week program. The extra 4-6 weeks was essentially a waste of time! We have also observed that sticking to a 6 week turn around keeps the intensity and focus high. If you know you only have 6 weeks to make the most of a program then it’s likely that you will train hard and not be tempted to skip sessions.

If you would like to get a new custom program then simply click here or drop us a phone call, email, text or pay us a personal visit and we can arrange to give your body a new stimulus that will ensure you keep improving!

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